Lunar New Year Of The Dragon 2024 - Sheets of 100 stamps

Lunar New Year Of The Dragon 2024 - Sheets of 100 stamps

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  • Artist Camille Chew constructed the dragon mask out of hand-printed paper, then cut, scored, and folded it into shape. She embellished the mask with acrylic paint and other paper elements, like flowers and tassels, and covered the back of the mask in a layer of papier-mâché. The completed mask was photographed on a white background.

    Utilizing gold and red as the predominant colors, the dragon mask incorporates elements with symbolic meaning. Gold signifies prosperity in the coming year, while red is considered lucky—colors befitting the dragon sign, which is said to be the most auspicious among all the animals in the Chinese zodiac.

    With guidance from art director Antonio Alcalá, Chew worked on this series of stamps to create contemporary Lunar New Year imagery. Referencing the colorful and beautifully adorned masks used in Lunar New Year parades, Chew’s three-dimensional art evokes feelings of celebration and festivity. Illustrations of the 12 zodiac animals, done in the artist’s unique style, form vertical lines on the left and right sides of the pane of 20 stamps.

    The Lunar New Year: Year of the Dragon pane of 20 stamps are issued as Forever stamps. Forever stamps will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1‑ounce price.